Discovering Kerala in Phnom Penh

I have a perpetual case of fernweh -¬†ever encountered this word? It's Germanic in origin and it means wanderlust. Why do I wander? I wander in search of what makes them different from us, where do the them and us merge - or do they ever? I think I have travelled to about 24 countries... Continue Reading →

Kickstarting 2015: New Year, Newer Resolutions

A travel blog is passe... So they say.. let me ask you - wouldn't you want to read where I went, how I went.. did I travel smart? What is travel smart could be the next question, if you like me was a journalist in the past life that got over five years back. Travel... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon….

I have an Atlas, a calendar, a few pins, a backpack and a camera.... Geography was my favourite subject in school...and reading travellogues I think it was in class VIII, I decided I wanted a job that helps me travel to all the places I read about..If not a job, then the moolah from a... Continue Reading →

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