An Ode to Nepal – A Lament for Bhaktapur

I am reblogging bits of an old post with a small post-script - It's a tribute to a country I briefly visited and always intended to go back to. Today Nepal is a country in crisis - a humanitarian crisis of a magnitude that might take decades to tide over. The death toll in the... Continue Reading →

Brush Your French Up For Pondicherry!

Ever felt a sense of serenity while walking on a beach front that thronged with several thousands - where every step that you take is matched by a few hundreds walking in the same direction? Waiting to watch the sun go down to chalk down another day as well-spent on the planet? The city is... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten People of Bhaktapur

The majesty of the Himalayas need to be experienced to be even savoured while describing it. As my flight neared Nepal, the white, serenely beautiful range of mountains materialised as if out of nowhere, perched amid cottony clouds. I had resolved early that my stay in the Himalayan Kingdom could not end within the luxurious... Continue Reading →

2014: The Travel Flashback

Among journalists, December is a year of much joy and also haste - putting together year-enders (especially for TV journos like me) meant looking back over the year archives, picking and choosing incidents and stories to cobble together into one-hour year-ender shows - so the order usually is research, amassing the footage, writing over visuals,... Continue Reading →

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