Who am I?

Three parts of my extended name, when arranged creatively spells maddeemen.

When I’m not writing about my travels, I’m plotting to travel. My laptop and email drafts folders are filled with links to interesting places, experiences and what to do and where! I am an experiences and memories person.. keen to indulge the senses – what best way to do that and more than travel? See new places, meet new people, learn new things and of course, write new blogs!

I write for a living – I am a communication consultant – Love words, hate numbers ( they become weird squiggles in my brain!) – was a TV journalist in my previous life that got over about five years ago – now I’m an armchair columnist, blogger and a traveller.

Where do I live? Currently, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Have been to around 24 countries across 3 continents – so many more places to see.. miles and miles to travel before I sleep!


Off the Bucket List
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com
Make yours @ BigHugeLabs.com


🙂 Drop me a line if you enjoy my posts.


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