Some spectacular sunsets from across the world

I am not a morning person – there, one confession down right at the beginning. I try – I earnestly do. I have tried going to sleep early, all I end up is sleeping for 10 hours instead of the required 7 hours. I have tried alarms away from my hand or literally in the bathroom by the washbasin. I go in, pee, even wash my face, then wonder if that morning walk or even reading for work is really worth the half hour of delicious snuggle in a warm bed and you know which side of the debate wins, don’t you? So even if I wanted I couldn’t do a post on the spectacular sunrises I have witnessed across the world. So I thought why not flip it? Show you the most spectacular sunsets I have seen – a few I captured too.

With this post I shall take you across the globe. The sunsets that I have witnessed while much younger when my parents wielded the camera and not me – I will hope that my power of description will paint the pretty picture. I don’t intend to use representational pictures for sure – does not make sense does it? This is a travel blog – my travel blog. 🙂

A sunset in Norway’s fjordlands will always remain a memorable experience. The light is spectacular and the sun sets after ten through most months barring winter.

If you ever find yourself in Bagan, do yourself a favour and try waking up early. N and I had all the intentions of waking up for the sunrise. But once we witnessed a magical rain-free sunset in peak monsoons, we decided to snuggle a bit longer after peeking out of our windows. It did seem a bit cloudy, but we caught some spectacular sunsets – and if the sunset was this beautiful, imagine how the sunrise would be!

This is kind of similar to the one I saw at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap but somehow Bagan made me a bit teary-eyed by its magnificence. 

And I witnessed some majestic sunsets in Mandalay too. This is not a sunset shot but my favourite one from that evening.

Oh, and here is another favourite from Yangon. In the foreground is the Karaweik Palace.  

My fascination for sunsets is probably as old as me, but our travels have helped capture some gorgeous ones from across the world:  another spectacular sunset was the one that spread across the King’s Highway in Jordan. We were driving from the depths of the Dead Sea to the higher altitudes inhabited by the ancient city of Petra. And along the way we took our time to admire the sunset at the Al-Hishi valley. The King’s Highway winds through picturesque valleys and landscapes – the changing landscapes change the hues of the sunset too.

This was below at the Dead Sea Jordan. I remember reflecting on my blessings. Why do I remember that so well? It was our wedding anniversary that day and I sent up a note of gratitude to destiny for getting me the best (travel) partner for life.

In the last year, I have had a chance to travel through some beautiful and some not so charming locales of India too. However, the setting Sun has been a great equaliser: the glow transforming even the bleakest landscapes into a golden vision..the sharp edges blunted, the dirt and grime hidden in its haloed magnificence. 

In urban Pune amid glass and chrome:

In the rural hinterlands of Jharkhand in Gumla: a local bar in action, a potent rice brew and a spirit distilled from a forest flower (mahua) was on the menu:

Do you have a sunset memory to share? The best in your life so far? Leave a message in the comments. The best stories are those that are shared.


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