Kickstarting 2015: New Year, Newer Resolutions

The Graffiti Wall, PragueA travel blog is passe…

So they say.. let me ask you – wouldn’t you want to read where I went, how I went.. did I travel smart?

What is travel smart could be the next question, if you like me was a journalist in the past life that got over five years back. Travel smart can be budget travel on great deals or luxury travels on even better deals! My husband and I are travel junkies ( he’s the N to my D in pieces you’ll read here), on usually the last day of our travels, we begin scouting around for the next place to visit – saving enough money, factoring days and currency exchange, where to splurge and scrimp – it takes months to figure it all out.

My blog will take you to places I have been to. Since some have been written long after the travels were over, there is the wisdom of hindsight too..and lot of photographs to accompany. I’m happy for you to use it or share it, but do give credit where it is due.

This is kind of like the foreword – one written by me for this blog – Bucketlisttales of a Backpack Traveller.. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Kickstarting 2015: New Year, Newer Resolutions

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  1. Excellent idea. And I know people will like it. But, Pardon me, I would like to add one comment here. The name- Bucketlisttales- hurts my tongue. Any chance to modify that ?


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