Coming Soon….

BackPack Traveller

I have an Atlas, a calendar, a few pins, a backpack and a camera….

Geography was my favourite subject in school…and reading travellogues

I think it was in class VIII, I decided I wanted a job that helps me travel to all the places I read about..If not a job, then the moolah from a job to travel to see these places… That’s my Bucket List… . the Pampas, the Tundra, the deserts, the plains, the Tropics and the Arctic.

Journalism happened and the travels for work made the bug just sink its teeth in deeper till the fever was in the blood.

I’m incurable now…my Bucket List keeps lengthening…

This blog will be a catalogue..a checking off of all the places that were on the list… Done, seen, catalogued..

These are tales of travels and of course the travails…the things I managed to get right..those that failed…but each travel enriches you… You are one degree the wiser about what you might encounter on your next travel.

I’ll try and point you to places that you can look out for..those that I did..

those I loved and others I gave a pass, either because it didn’t interest me much..or maybe because I just had no time.

The stories won’t be about the Hiltons and the Kempinksis or the Marriotts.. They will be about motels and Inns and B&Bs and about only a few dollars to match the big desire to see the world.

The thumb rule is one trip internationally for fun every year for the next thirty years…and AT LEAST one to discover the big beautiful country, India that I belong to…

It’s still a small fraction of the big wide world that we live in…but I have

been enriched and nourished infinitely…

I’m a richer person for have travelled the world…much like the Tangerine, Ibn Battutah…

I travelled alone on some of the journeys I write to you about…some others were with girlfriends… If you see N and I posts, that refers to my life partner…the fellow gypsy… we, of similar dreams…we who bonded over our common travel stories…and we who will now continue our big journey through life together..

We mostly travel together or if on work, then separately…Some tales will be his, narrated by me..

So now I have also added Google maps, Lonely Planets occasionally, Trip Advisor Apps, a few dollars, pounds and euros..and a travelling companion to my list of worldly possessions…

And I can’t wait to tell you all about my travels…

What say?

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